• CondoButlers is a market leading Virtual Butler Application that provides residents with access to a number of building services and personnel direct from within the application. We integrate new property sales literature with floor plans so that sales can use tablets to showcase your properties and capture prospects into the app CRM system.




Over the past 12 months the hotel industry had to raise it’s game to deliver a bespoke 5 star service to the tech savvy affluent millennial traveller defined as people born between 1980 – 2000. The same is about to happen within the Luxury living sector with condo developers having to up their game and deliver smart living.

Having a great location, stunning views and opulent amenities are no longer enough to attract high-income tech-savvy residents who live increasingly busy lives. To compete for this growing demographic you must deliver not just high-tech living, but for the millennials who have grown up with lightening fast technology and constant hardware innovation, you must deliver automation to support their busy lifestyles with their preferred method of communication being digital self- service using smartphones and tablets rather than phone or in-person engagement. However, when you surprise and delight your residents with new services that predict and exceed their expectations, you create enormous value. Today hotels are adopting the virtual concierge application to allow guests to book direct with hand picked local restaurants and request services from any department within the hotel. However, the concierge still exists and this is the service that Condo Butlers delivers to Luxury Property developers.

Your property will receive a bespoke application that will not only help you to attract and sell to potential clients, but will also deliver a 5 star service once they become residents. We will provide your property with an on-site Butler along with a mobile application that will act as a virtual concierge allowing residents to perform a number of daily tasks and receive notifications not just when they are at home, but now even when they are away from your property.


The CondoButler application will allow you to learn more about who your residents are through social media integration and client profiles being built with every application interaction. You can receive exception reports when a specific maintenance problem has been reported more than a specified amount of times, including group wide. Market your properties to include a Butler Service and make potential buyers feel that this is a 5 star property.

Each property will receive a bespoke application hosted on it’s own Amazon server but includes a Group-Wide database so that you will have access to all of your properties reports.



You can promote your developments application using a QR code, website link or Appstore address for IOS, Android and Microsoft, this will provide a call to action direct from your magazine and other marketing spend. Once the prospect has downloaded the application, you will receive their contact details allowing you to encourage them to arrange a viewing through push messages, proven to be 88% more effective than email marketing.

This application will provide you with an opportunity to provide a 5 star service to your residents, market your developments direct through the application and build a better understanding of who your clients are.